Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let's Try Again...

A few days later, I got my reply. My little guy was already reserved, she just hadn't gotten around to posting that this hedgehog was also spoken for. She didn't anticipate having a new group of babies for a few months. In a few months, I would be back in school and unable to give a new baby hedgehog the attention that it needs.
I was beginning to lose hope, but then I remembered that I wasn't the type to give up that easily. I went back online and tried again. I kept reading that hedgehogs should only be bought through breeders, rather than pet stores. Hedgehogs are prone to being grumpy and anti-social, but breeders give them lots of handling and care, which helps baby hedgehogs become friendly. At pet stores they don't get much attention, which makes them uncomfortable around humans. I contacted all the breeders again through emails and voicemails. Then, I waited.
Sure enough, after a few days, I got an email response from one of them. He had babies available! I went to his website, which was chock full of adorable hedgehogs. These ones were a little older than the others I had seen, but still so cute! This time, when I emailed him about the one I chose, he emailed me back right away. I gave him my deposit and went to the website and this is what I saw:

I'm pretty sure there aren't any other Fatimas out there buying hegehogs. This one was mine!

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